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Our marquee collection

We've been providing marquees to backyards and major events for over 35 years.


Absolute A

The Absolute A marquee is our award-winning structure, which is available in both single or double storey – making it the most innovative and versatile in the market. Absolute A already makes regular appearances year after year at Australia’s premier events – Flemington Spring Racing Carnival, Australian Open Golf, and the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Its striking features include a curved roof, the option of a panoramic glass or solid walls, European-style glass double doors, the option of a cantilevered verandah (for that all-important winning view!), stainless steel balustrades and white thermo-inflatable block out roofs for effective climate control and internal noise reduction.

Available Sizes:

• 15m Wide x 5m Bays, Single or 2 Storey option
• 20m Wide x 5m Bays, Single or 2 Storey option

Big on detail?

Download the Absolute A specifications sheet here.

Absolute B

The Absolute B is an exceptionally designed structure that is both versatile and striking. Featuring a curved-roof profile and the choice between panoramic glass, or white or grey walls, the B series of marquee can be built to various sizes to suit your unique event.

Dress it up or down with our extensive furniture collection, and light it up and pump up the volume with our Productions offerings to complete your party.

Available Sizes:
• 10m Wide x 5m Bays
• 15m Wide x 5m Bays
• 20m Wide x 5m Bays

Big on detail?

Download the Absolute B specifications sheet here.

The Atrium

The first of it's kind in the Australian events landscape, The Atrium is a stunning temporary structure which commands awe and wonder from every angle. Private events and major installations become truly special spaces when held inside this iconic marquee.

Impressive in it's intricacies, the Atrium features a cathedral roof, glass panelling and circular-shaped truss, all encased within a black powder-coated aluminium frame. These conservatory-like features, combined with the sheer scale and space, make the Atrium stand tall as a stunning example of architectural, yet completely demountable, achievement.

Available Sizes:

• 15m Wide x 5m Bays

Big on detail?

Download The Atrium specifications sheet here.



The classic rope and pole marquee is back and we have affectionately named it ‘The Fairhaven’. A swathe of canvas-like, waterproof vinyl set high above timber poles is timeless with endless charm and quintessential for a country, coastal or garden party. There is also the option of clear or white walls.

Available Sizes:

• 10 x 10/16/22m
• 14 x 14/20/26/32m

Big on detail?

Download the Fairhaven specifications sheet here.



Our Premium structures stand out from the crowd with it’s eye-catching black powder-coated frame and neat curved-roof profile – a smaller temporary space with big impact.

It features a white PVC roof, the option of grey or clear walls, as well as vertical glass panels and seamless sliding doors.

Available Sizes:

• 3m Wide x 5m Bays
• 6m Wide x 5m Bays

Big on detail?

Download the Premium Structure specifications sheet here.



Showcase the stars with our Clearspan marquee. Featuring a see-through, clear PVC roof, you can let the outside in for a perfect view, or natural light. Additional features include, an apex roof profile and the option of vertical glass or white solid walls and double doors.

Available Sizes:

• 3m bay x 2.5/3/4/6m
• 5m bay x 6/10/15/20m

Big on detail?

Download the Clearspan marquee specifications sheet here.

Ali Hall

Our Ali Hall structure is Australia’s first 20m and 25m temporary structure that features a panoramic horizontal walling and window system. The clean apex roof profile holds white or clear PVC roofs, and the unique walling system finishes with glass or white sliding double doors. Construct a space with magnificent hallway proportions – fill it with our stylish collection to create different furniture pods, or style grand corporate events complete with a stage – the options are endless.

Available Sizes:

• 20m Wide x 5m Bays
• 25m Wide x 5m Bays

Big on detail?

Download the Ali Hall specifications sheet here.

6m Summit Square

Our Summit marquees are characterised by a unique peaked roofline and feature versatile window and walling options. These visually striking structures come with the option of contemporary shade sails that complement these distinct profiles.

Available Sizes:

• 6m

Big on detail?

Download the 6m Summit marquee specifications sheet here.

10m Summit

Our larger Summit marquees are hexagonal in shape and feature the same unique roof profile as it’s 6m little brother. The Summit marquee a distinctive feature when placed into the event landscape, with it’s playful peaked roof outline. It’s shade sails come in various colours, with a useful in-built guttering system – making the Summit suitable for rain or shine.

Available Sizes:

• 10m

Big on detail?

Download the 10m Summit marquee specifications sheet here.

Integrated structure

Our Integrated marquee is a contemporary marquee with sophisticated features. Whether you have clients to entertain, or need to set up fine dining spaces, the Integrated marquee works for all corporate events. Features include a strong Apex roof profile, the option of vertical glass or white solid walls and seamless sliding doors.

Available Sizes:

• 10m Wide x 5m Bays
• 15m Wide x 5m Bays

Big on detail?

Download the Integrated marquee specification sheet here.


With a shape reminiscent of the pagodas that adorn historical Japan, our Pagoda marquee is a smaller-profile structure that is both practical and playful. Effective when used in rows, the Pagoda features a white PVC peaked roof and walling.

Available Sizes:

• 3m x 3m

Big on detail?

Download the Pagoda specifications sheet here.

Triple storey structure

Reach for the sky with our Triple storey marquee. The only of its kind in Australia, this marquee makes regular appearances at the Supercars championships.

Available Sizes:

• 11.5m Wide x 5m Bays incorporating covered rear Walkway

Big on detail?

Download the Triple Story marquee specifications sheet here.

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