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One stop shop for all your party hire needs in Sydney & Melbourne. Browse our range of products, such as furniture, marquees, tableware and more.

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Organising or participating in an exhibition or conference? Browse our full range of product, furniture packages, AV technology and more in our hire shop.

Technical production hire

Want to make the moment extra special? Our solutions are just a click away. AV, lighting, LED screens, rigging, staging products, and yes, much more.

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Sustainability for our future

How we help in safeguarding the environment for the next generations through our sustainability goals.

Fresh focus

We understand that we have an important part to play in reducing our carbon footprint and implementing an eco-friendly culture within our workplace and business.

A new approach to events

Organising sustainable events can be challenging considering the social and environmental impact of events. 

To support our goals in sustainable development, our intent is to make the 4 ‘R’s of sustainability core to our company values; 

Offer our clients product solutions that can be reused over and over for a long time (hire products) as a priority over single-use products. 

Ensure single-use items and materials continue to be used beyond the life of an event, through donations to charitable organisations or sent to auction to live another life. 

Divert waste from landfill through recycling programs that take components such as steel, aluminum, paper, and most plastics. 

Introducing recyclable packaging and products, and using energy-efficient technology to deliver events.

Sustainable products

Poppy table range

Bar, Cafe and side table bases made from 100% recycled plastic.

A sustainable future

Closed loop products

As a ‘hire’ company all of our product is re-used over and over for a very long time prior to it reaching the end of life. At the end of it's life, any useable goods are either donated to charitable organisations or sent to auction to live on.

The majority of damaged or unusable product is broken down into separate components, with any recyclable components such as steel, aluminum, and most plastics being recycled.

Our newest range, the Poppy table collection, is a set of bar, cafe and coffee table bases made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic. They are the beginning of our post-industrial and post-consumer ‘closed-loop’ furniture products that are introduced as part of our 2020 collection and ongoing thereafter. 

Modular Stand Packages

We offer a range of sustainable hire products and the latest in flush-wall modular systems for exhibitors looking to create their own unique look without compromising the environment.

It is estimated that 90% of the conventional materials used for custom stand building is dumped in the mixed residual waste, ending up in landfill. 

Modular exhibition stand packages constructed using lightweight aluminum frames that can be reused hundreds of times offer a sustainable alternative to traditional stand building.

Waste reduction

Reduced water consumption

The installation of large water tanks in our warehouses to harvest rainwater has significantly reduced water consumption in our business. The water is captured and used with biodegradable detergents to clean all products in our warehouses, including marquee skins and furniture.

Reduced paper usage

Harry the hirer no longer produces paper-based brochures and catalogues. All communication, ordering and product catalogues are now web-based through our exhibitor portal and website applications. 

The creation of a state-of-the art online ordering platform has eliminated the need for paper-based order forms for exhibitors.

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