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The Style Lab with Louisa Curtis & Michael Strownix


Louisa Curtis and Michael Strownix present 'Lip Sync'

The Style Lab with Louisa Curtis & Michael Strownix...
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The Style Lab with Louisa Curtis & Michael Strownix

Dynamic duo Styled by Louisa Curtis and Michael Strownix take over The Style Lab with their collaboration 'Lip Sync'.


Dynamic duo Styled by Louisa Curtis and Michael Strownix take over The Style Lab with their collaboration 'Lip Sync'.


Styled by Louisa Curtis
Michael Strownix
Harry the hirer's Style Lab
Harry the hirer Custom Builds team
Harry the hirer Signage department




Harry the hirer's showroom

Styled by Louisa Curtis

With a portfolio that spans event styling and management, interiors styling and decor, visual merchandising and shop fit-outs; Styled By Louisa Curtis is not your standard styling agency. Working from concept to creation to successfully deliver events, experiences and spaces that are inspiring, innovative and memorable, Styled by Louisa Curtis works closely with each client, and prioritises your budget (whether small or large) to maximise the finished result and value for money – regardless of spend – delivering a flawless outcome combining creative flair with precise attention to detail.

Michael Strownix

Michael Strownix has been in the floral and styling industry for over 35 years. Michael Strownix and Louisa Curtis collided over two years ago and haven't looked back since taking on many different projects, together as a collaborative team.

SLC & MS: We've been working with Harry the hirer for many years, and love the relationship we have with them - we especially are loving how they are becoming more creative in their furniture styles and we adore all the pieces we have used in our Style Lab setting 'Lip Sync'.

Tell us your inspiration behind your Style Lab, 'Lip Sync'?

SLC & MS: We wanted to turn back time and create a dinner party with a dream guest list that we would want to have a fabulous, exclusive evening with.

What did you want to achieve with this setting?

SLC & MS: To create something unforgettable - a night to remember.

Why do you love your job?

SLC & MS: Our days are spent creating and no day is ever the same… there is no way we will ever get bored. We all know the event game is one that can throw many a curveball and you just have to learn how to roll with the punches and wing it! It always works out in the end.

What kind of clients do you love working with?

SLC & MS: It’s a locked bag… and it’s all about the client and the amazing relationships that you build.

What trends do you see emerging in 2018?

SLC & MS: We are not trend based - we like to just create from the gut…. and delve into our history or tell a story that has never been told before.

And lastly, tell us about your favourite Melbourne hangout!

SLC & MS: We love a dinner party (any party Is a good party when we are there!), and love to visit galleries and spend some time in nature.

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