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Dot Dot Dash present 'Dinner with friends'


The talented team at Dot Dot Dash create dining room goals in our Style Lab with their signature, contemporary style.


Dot Dot Dash
Cecilia Fox
Harry the hirer's Style Lab
Harry the hirer Productions




Harry the hirer's showroom

Dot Dot Dash & Harry the hirer

Dot Dot Dash is an event production agency that crafts events people talk about.

Founded by two sisters, Shirin Pulitano and Diba Beylie, this nimble yet powerful North Melbourne-based team of designers, event managers and producers, create offline moments for a diverse portfolio of clients. They are design and experience led in ethos, and detail led in action.

We sat down with the girls at Dot Dot Dash about working with Harry the hirer, their inspiration behind their amazing Style Lab concept, and what powers them on a daily basis...

DDD: We’ve been working with Harry the hirer since the inception of our business and they really do feel like an extension of the family thanks to the great energy (and furniture selection) the team brings to what we do.

The Style Lab collaboration has been so enjoyable for us because we can use items we haven’t been able to use yet within a client brief. And so, the initial anchor for ‘Dinner with friends’ is the Klein Day Bed but it quickly evolved and we really think every item is heroed in its own way and has a purpose.

 What do you think creates a successful space?

DDD: An element of surprise and something to truly delight are the keys to a successful space. Some may think of these terms as a little lofty, but when you focus on them in practice they can create the most meaningful and memorable spaces. It’s easy to stick to one collection of furniture, and not mix it all together – but playing with different furniture from different seasons and different colours is where the fun is. Match this with some clever custom pieces, art and florals from our favourites at Cecilia Fox and that’s when the magic happens.

What did you want to achieve with this amazing setting?

DDD: We work in larger scale event spaces, but something that we always try and do is make them feel very welcoming, warm and spirited – we wanted to bring all of the playfulness of an activation set into this smaller space.

What trends do you see emerging in 2018?

DDD: Something that we’ve always focused on is experience as well as design, increasingly we’re seeing the demand for not just a beautiful space, but clients are looking for a moment and a memory their customers can take from it. It’s that element of surprise and delight we talk about. This is what we love the most about our job so it’s great that this is a trend in the briefs coming to us.

What are your favourite types of events to attend?

Of course, we love Spring Racing Carnival for the fashion, the hospitality spaces and the hype. Also anything with a focus on great food and wine – well-executed food really injects a sense of hospitality and warmth in any event and is a huge part of Melbourne’s DNA.

Tell us your favourite Harry the hirer piece...

DDD: Tough one! Klein Day Bed – this is the first time we’re using it and we were so excited to put it into our concept. The Arc range also features in our design, it’s subtle and we find ourselves using it again and again.

And lastly, what's your favourite Melbourne place to find inspiration?

DDD: The NGV. It’s always exciting when there is a new exhibition on - you walk past that bold, opaque façade, see the kids interacting with the water wall and get blown away by what’s inside. You always learn or experience something new. The NGV run such exciting interactive programs and events and is truly a place for everyone - a constant source of inspiration and our favourite place for team date night!

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