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Giannarelli International present 'From 'Paris with Love'


Paris, je t'aime. The girls from Giannarelli International transport us to the European capital for their style lab.


Giannarelli International
Botanical Events (Greenery)
Harry the hirer's Style Lab
Harry the hirer Custom Builds team
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Giannarelli International

Giannarelli International is a globally recognised luxury event company based between Florence, Italy and Melbourne, Australia working predominately with private clients and luxury fashion brands worldwide. The company offers a wide range of creative services, being most renowned for their luxury styling and event management. Working on a global scale, Giannarelli International have organised events and projects in almost every major city in the world. Giannarelli International has built up a reputation having consistently creating and growing long-term relationships with some of the world’s finest vendors including Jeff Leatham and Robert Fairer Photography. They have also become known for their destination weddings in Italy and Europe, which is an annual service they provide to clients from all over the world.

Tell us your inspiration behind your Style Lab, 'From Paris, with Love'?

GI: We wanted to create something a little different by showing our European aesthetic, however through a different and more realistic light. Working and living in Florence for 5 years, Paris was a very special place for us. Working Paris Fashion Week twice a year, every year, we really fell in love with the city’s ever so chic but simple DNA, so this is why we decided to base our design on a place so close to our hearts. 

What did you want to achieve with this setting?

GI: We really just wanted to create that Parisian chic, open-air courtyard, a people-watching moment that we’ve all seen and felt whilst in Paris. Just as it is in Paris, everyone goes on about their own lives but always saves time during their busy days to find a seat at a little bistro, to sit back and relax, and simply watch people walking by. 

 What is your favourite design principal to work with?

GI: Contrast and Colour. We regularly use these principles and always make sure to check them off when styling events or planning visual projects as these are the elements that we believe make a space pop and give it that "wow factor” that we are always looking for.

Why do you love what you do?

GI: Our honest opinion is that you can’t do this job unless you absolutely love it, and that is truly a mantra of ours. Working creatively, designing and planning is all in our DNA, as we have been surrounded by design from a young age.

The challenges that come with events and design projects many people underestimate, but we believe if you’ve got the creative eye for something you’ve got to follow your intuition, otherwise we’d be living in a world without design! Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!

What are your favourite types of events you like to attend?

GI: A good vibe, great music is essential, not too many people - we can’t stand when an event is overcrowded! You don’t get to enjoy the fine details that the planner has put into making the event an experience. A great flow is absolutely necessary and highly appreciated as we really notice that extra effort! 

Your favourite Harry the Hirer piece?

GI: We don’t have a particular favourite piece, although we absolutely love how table tops, bars and a wide variety of Harry’s pieces can be easily adapted and interchangeable. It just makes you feel like the options are endless, and you’re customising your event to your own aesthetic. Harry’s is consistency on trend and always has some fun and unique pieces we love to incorporate into our designs. 

And finally, your place to go to for inspiration?

GI: Europe for us is a source of unlimited inspiration. We travel a lot and still live in Florence for a few months every year, so being there so often continually brings us an extraordinary source of inspiration. The history, the culture and overall essence of every little city within Europe, the restaurants, museums, and random streets and places you come across are all amazing sources of inspiration for us. 


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