The Studio

With an aura of an underground hideaway, this modern industrial space located close to the city, boasts 350sqm of versatile space to accommodate all manner of broadcasting and live streaming productions.


We offer a diverse array of cutting-edge equipment, housed within our headquarters in Richmond VIC. From audio and lighting to video and staging solutions, our studio is equipped to deliver unforgettable experiences with an unmatched aura of innovation and style.


Magewell Ultra Encode SRT with RUTX12 4G router for outdoor broadcast that is tailored for streaming on zoom, webcast cloud or RTMP platforms. Underpinned by a 1 gigabit up/down fibre connection ensures your broadcast will reach its destination.


Level 1 Green room overlooking the studio available for clients


6m x 3m stage surrounded by a 3.6m high 3 sided curved wall is your ultimate and seamless presentation space

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We cannot wait to bring your production to life. With a range that caters to any need, contact us today or visit us in our showroom to see how our products can suit your needs.