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Studio VRC presents 'Dancing Queen'


Theatre and design come together in an unexpected way as Studio VRC take over the Style Lab.


Studio VRC
Harry the hirer's Style Lab
Harry the hirer Productions team
Harry the hirer Signage department





Studio VRC and Harry the hirer.

As creative and passionate designers, Studio VRC pride themselves on creating events and spaces that transport guests from the everyday to the extraordinary. Studio VRC work with brands to create experiences which will excite and inspire guests. Harry the hirer has partnered with Victoria Racing Club for over 30 years and work closely every Spring Racing season to create premium racing events year after year. The creativity and innovation Studio VRC bring to every space boundless; visionary in their concepts and executed to perfection. They have already worked with some of Australia's most influential brands, and have a diverse portfolio that extends from events and installations at Flemington Racecourse and beyond. 


Tell us about your Style Lab, 'Dancing Queen'?

SVRC: We wanted to showcase furniture in an unexpected and unusual way, transforming its the role where it becomes the feature or spectacle; where design is distinguished as art.  The concept was to amplify the act of viewing in (voyeurism), as well as bring back disco - we were heavily influenced by the disco era.

We also wanted to work closely with Harry the hirer Productions - as our events are usually held in the daytime, we wanted to highlight the use of production or tech elements so it becomes a point of difference.

How did you get to this concept?

SVRC: Our aim was to create a space that is intriguing, really developing through a mutual desire to create an experientially based install that would allow spatial design to function as art, and to create a space that is viewed rather than inhabited.


What is your favourite element/principle to design with?

SVRC: Scale. The idea of manipulating scale and size of an object to add interest and emphasis in a space.

What trends do you see emerging in 2019?

SVRC: Modern designs which honour the past, and we hope to see design becoming more theatrical and experiential. 

What is your favourite Harry the hirer piece?

SVRC: Renee Dining Chair, of course!

And lastly, what is your favourite Melbourne hangout? Or place to go for inspiration?

SVRC: The NGV. It's latest major exhibition, Alexander Calder: Radical Inventor, presents sculptural works by the influential artist that changed the course of modern art; functioning as both art forms and moving installation. Or just re-visiting the NGV's permanent collection sparks creativity! 

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