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MARK MAKERS presents 'Landscape'.


Inspired by the incredible Amangiri luxury resort in Utah, MARK MAKERS transports us to the desert mesa in their Style Lab takeover!


Harry the hirer's Style Lab
Harry the hirer Productions team
Harry the hirer Signage department




Harry the hirer's showroom

MARK MAKERS and Harry the hirer.

MARK MAKERS are a full-service event design studio, specialising in bespoke concept design for brand experiences and activations, weddings and private events. 

Originating in Sydney and recently launching in Melbourne, they are a collaborative team of industry-leading event designers, producers, stylists, florists, illustrators and graphic designers, led to success by creative director Courtney Fitzgerald-Power.

MM: We love working with Harry’s helping to deliver a premium, bespoke service for our clients. The team is always willing to work with us creatively to make a temporary space - anything from wildly conceptual to something more grounded and luxurious.

Tell us about your Style Lab, 'Landscape'?

MM: In our Fitzroy studio, we started brainstorming with an idea of a chic 1970’s interior and found ourselves with the space you see today. We were inspired by the incredible design driven hotel ‘Amangiri’, settled in a desert mesa in the midst of North America. We love good food and the experience one can have when sharing in it so we took this love as inspiration along with the hotel’s architectural grounding cues into our concept.

What did you want to achieve with this setting?

MM: We aimed to create an ethereal, transportative, exclusive dining space that acts as the perfect support to a night of insightful conversation, delicious beverages and a gorgeous locally sourced menu - including some of our favourite native ingredients. Our goal is to translate a brand’s message into an original experience that creates a memory; a feeling that leaves a mark.

Tell us about these gorgeous florals in this space...

MM: Florals are often a big part of a MARK MAKERS event and we started out unsure what would work best in the space. Once we saw our earthen, marbled print and Harry’s furniture installed, we knew we needed something bold and contrasting so it didn’t get lost in our design. We worked with Flowers Vasette to source Italian Ruscus and Amaranthus that let us bring our ghostly white floral installation to life.

What do you think creates a successful space?

MM: Our key to a successful space is cohesion - when we’re engaged to create an event, we always ensure the overall look and feel makes sense from every perspective - visually with florals, table design, food and beverage concept, uniforms, venue, staffing, graphic design and sensory - using high quality production, sound, lighting, and aroma - it all needs to work together to make for an incredible end result.

What is your favourite element/principle to design with? 

MM: Colour is the one element we always come back to - especially when solidifying the cohesion of the theme for an event. We love its versatility, how its scope can be stretched by using a multitude of tones in the same colour scheme to create our point of difference.

What trends do you see emerging in 2019?

MM: We feel there is finally more of a conversation around sustainability in our industry. When pitching, MARK MAKERS includes more environmentally conscious options where possible and hope to see more concepts in design that we can use in our styling that helps to support our earth’s future. In terms of aesthetics, we’re noticing ourselves drawn towards tonal, sculptural elements that are intriguing and innovative.

What are your favourite types of events to attend?

MM: Anything food - MARK MAKERS’ love an event that pushes the boundaries and expectations of what food can be - whether its conceptual, sustainable or a more decadent approach. We’re always inspired by something that opens our eyes to new possibilities.

What is your favourite Harry the hirer piece?

MM: We love the new Hugo armchair! We’re excited to be able to include it in our Style Lab vision.

And lastly, what is your favourite Melbourne hangout? Or place to go for inspiration?

MM: As our studio is based off Gertrude Street in Fitzroy, we’re always inspired by the raw beauty of the area – whether it’s walking through the beautiful Carlton Gardens, having a much needed coffee at Archie’s, enjoying inventive wine and food at Marion and Enoteca or window shopping at Le Labo, The Standard Store or Smith Street Bazaar – it is a privilege to be part of this community.

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