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Walls & panels


Innovation from floor to ceiling

Enhance your exhibition with our modern modular wall panel systems for a seamless finish.

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Our expertise Our expertise

We love a good party. Whether you're planning a wedding, private party or major corporate event, we've got everything you need to get the party started.

​Modular & modern walling

Cutting-edge systems that combine aluminum frames, panels and textiles give a seamless finish to exhibition walls.


The Nero

All black everything! Our newest walling system, aptly named 'Nero' is the sleekest option on the market - combining the modern look of flush walling with a feature frame system constructed using black powder-coated aluminium extrusion. 

The Nero frame is complimented with a black fascia panel that can be backlit, plus the option of miniture black LED lights that can be used for stand illumination.

The wall system offers a variety of panel finishes, from PVC, timber, acrylic and printed fabric panels.

Durable Denver

Our modern Denver wall panels bridge the gap between old-style wood structure and prefabrication with modular cost-effective solutions.

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