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Welcome to the new iteration of Futurism in designer furniture, a tribute to the Italian avant-garde art and social movement which celebrated speed, industrial technology and modernisation in all its forms. 


Transcend time and space with this dynamic collection celebrating the simplicity of sculptural forms. Meta-morphosis highlights contemporary seating, tables and statement lounging with evolving shapes and perspectives. Illusionary materials and refractive transparencies create an entirely new discourse.


Capsule two in our new futuristic curation is Terrascape - an homage to the beauty of nature. Curate a monochromatic Zen-like terrain for your next event with soft sweeping curves and gradual tapered lines, incorporating heavily textured and comforting fuzzy tactile weaves, offset with warm timber grains, and grounding natural stone finishes.


Capsule three, is Regeneration - A playful collection that redefines sustainability and incorporates progressive circular materials with visual tactility and stimulation. Regeneration’s streamlined design style is highly functional and adaptive to its environs.

Futurism 2024

Futurism 2024 reinterprets this vision and embraces the sentiment of the past, infusing it with the excitement and energy of the future through digital technology, AI and the metaverse. 


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